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Products and Services

Products and Services

Loan Product

Micro Loan                 
It is a group based loan without collateral provided to the member clients after the completion of Pre-Group Training (PGT) and the Group Recognition Test (GRT) by the Concerned officers. This product has been designed to promote small scale entrepreneurship among the people of deprived sector.

Seasonal Loan      
This Loan Product has been designed to promote and expand the existing businesses of member clients who are in need of extra financial support. It is disbursed after the repayment of few Installment of micro loan. The member clients maintaining strong credit and center discipline can now apply for the seasonal loan and it is provided as the support to their existing business. The loan utilization checks and the proper supervision of the clients financial behaviour will be the key factor the disbursement of this loan product.

Emergency Loan
This loan product is designed to fulfill the emergency aroused due to natural disaster, accident, serious illness and other small basic needs of the member clients. A certain small amount will be disbursed under this loan product whose repayment tenure will also be quick and small.

Micro Enterprise Loan
Member Clients who have enough entrepreneurial skills and willingness to establish small and cottage scale business and lacking the proper fund can apply for this loan product. It is a collateral based loan provided to both member clients and non-member clients. Member clients should be able to project their planning and skills to run their planned micro-enterprise.

Disaster Loan
Member Clients who have been affected by the natural disaster are eligible for persuing disaster loan. Hence the memeber clients whose income sources have been affected by natural calamities are analyzed and offered the disaster loan in lesser interset rate than the other loan products. It is also the one of non-collacteral loan product available for member clients.

Renewable Energy Loan
This is a collateral based loan product designed for the development & installation of renewable energy sources like as solar pannels, bio gas etc.
Saving Product

Group Saving
It is the saving product designed to promote & encourgae the saving habit of the member clients. It is a mandatory product where a specified amount has to be deposited by the member clients in their every center meetings.

Pension Saving
Under this product, the member clients are supposed to deposit certain amount as their pension saving in their every center meeting compulsarily. The clients are offered to have doubled amount of their deposit under this saving product after the completion of 15 years of their savings. The interest of this doubled amount will be provided to the member clients as the pension or the member clients can withdraw the whole amount. This product basically helps to have certain amount of saving to the member clients at the time of their dependable age.

Individual Saving
Under this saving product any amount can be deposited by the member clients.It is a voluntary saving product product offered to all the member clients. This product helps the member clients to improve their saving habit and can withdraw the amount in any center meetings.

Center Fund Saving
Center Fund Saving is one of the Voluntary Saving. As per the requirement, certain amount of the micro loan disbursed to the member clients is deposited as the Center Fund Saving for every individual member clients as per as their requisition. It is designed to secure the future of the member clients. Through this saving the member clients can have certain amount at the time of their membership withdraws in the future.

Welfare Fund Saving
It is the voluntary saving product of the center not the individual clients. Under this savings, the fines, penalties and other voluntary amounts of the center can be deposited by the member clients and the amount of this saving can be spend on the purchase of center needed material such as mat for sitting, building center house, maintenance of center house, for social activities etc. Amount from this saving can be withdrawan at the center meetings.

Insurance Saving
Insurance Saving is a voluntary saving product. Under this saving, the member clients used to deposit the certain amount nedded for the payment of premeium for the insurance policy undertaken by those member clients. The interest for this saving amount will be same as of Group Saving Accounts.

Education Saving
Education Saving is also another optional saving option for the Member Clients, where they are supposed to deposit certain amount as their education saving in their every center meeting. Member Clients are offered to have doubled amount of their deposit under this saving product after the completion of 15 years of their savings. This product basically helps to overcome the future burden of education expenses of their siblings.

Daily Saving
Daily Saving is the one of voluntary saving account offered to the member clients. Under daily saving the member clients can deposit any amount on the daily basis where they need not to wait for the Center Meetings. Withdrwal of the saving from this deposit account are also made very easy and convenient for the member clients. The interest rate on this saving product is offered as per the interest rate on individual savings.
Protection Fund

Client Protection Fund
Client Protection fund is the fund created by Ganapati Laghubitta for the welfare and credit plus facilities for the member clients. As the insurance product different compensation is provided to the member clients to reduce the loss occurred by different natural causes. Compensation is provided in the case of death of member clients and member client’s husband; in the case of destroy of member client’s house by storm or landslide and by the fire, in the case of first two delivery of their spouse.
Life Insurance Plans
Four types of Life insurance products are available for the member clients in association with Asian Life Insurance Company. 

1) Asian Endowment Plan ( Asian Sabhadhik Jeevan Beema)
2) Asian Endowment & Whole Life Insurance Plan (Sukhi Jeevan Bema Yojana)
3) Asian Child Assurance (Bal Bhabisya Sabadhik Jeevan Bema Yojana)
4) Asian Endowment Joint Life Plus (Dampati Surakhshya Plus)

Life Insurance Plans
Loan Insurance facilities is also available for our Laonee clients. "Grameen Karja Beema" has been offered to our Loan clients in association with Prabhu Life Insurance Company Ltd. 
We are Providing remittance services of Himal RemitWestern Union Money TransferPrabhu Money Transfer & IME Remit from all our Branch Offices.