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Products and Services


Client Protection Fund

Client  Protection fund is the fund created by Ganapati Microfinance for the welfare and credit plus facilities for the member clients. As the insurance product different compensation is provided to the member clients to reduce the loss occurred by different natural causes. Compensation is provided in the case of death of member clients and member client’s husband; in the case of destroy of member client’s house by storm or landslide and by the fire, in the case of first two delivery of their spouse.

Life Insurance Plans

Four types of Life insurance products are available for the member clients in association with Asian Life Insurance Company. 

1) Asian Endowment Plan ( Asian Sabhadhik Jeevan Beema)
2) Asian Endowment & Whole Life Insurance Plan (Sukhi Jeevan Bema Yojana)
3) Asian Child Assurance (Bal Bhabisya Sabadhik Jeevan Bema Yojana)
4) Asian Endowment Joint Life Plus (Dampati Surakhshya Plus)

Loan Insurance

Loan insurance facilities is also available for our Loanee Clients. "Garmeen Karja Beema" has been offered to our Loanee clients in association with Prabhu Life Insurance Company Ltd.